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Berlin Election Map (2021) 1,824,942 votes individually represented / Einmal Mordor und zurueck (2020) Stacheldrahtzaun vorm Dreamland, gefaehrliche Flaggen und Trommler in Gummistiefeln – meine Reise nach Belarus im Protestherbst 2020 / Sesimbra (2019) Portugal, Palmen, Gitarrengeklimper / Belarusians with roots and wings (2015) They earn their parents’ monthly salaries within three days while traveling the world. A story about two digital nomads and changing lives in the 21st century Belarus. / Lisbon Impressions (2013) Tourist spots in a timelapse / Berlin - Minsk: A Journey by Bike (2012) 1,500 km in 6 minutes